I Want My Ex Husband Back, He Does Not Want To Come Back :(

 My husband and I seperated 3 1/2 months ago we ended it beacuse we just could not stop fighting.. every little thing was a huge fight...I feel like im going to die.. He talks to me like we are still best friends and even tells me i'm his best friend, but does not want to get back together with me.

I have begged and still he says NO.... He says he has a new life and i'm just not in it and he is meeting tons of people. Even though he swears he does not have a new women in his life...

 I have asked him if he stopped loving me and never answers that question, simply  avoids it. So i know he loves me.. but he tells me that i need to move on and do my own life now and simply start erasing him from my life.. But I just can not do that!!!! I feel so lonely.. i just want to die... everything aroud  me seems to have no sense.. im already getting professional help but it just does not seem to help... Im going crazy....  We live in different cities since I moved back to my home town,  so we have just talked over the phone and chat and knowing that he is soo happy, simply makes everything inside me die... he says that in order for him to  accept me back I have to show him i changed. the thing is why im i the bad one here if it was also his fault that we broke everything up... Do I love him more? what can i do tos top loving him... I have only one friend here and she is married so i have no social life, and that makes everything harder since i have nothing to do, and when im not working the only thing I do is think about him and its driving me crazy... My life simply does not shine anymore.... i lost all interest in doing anything... My shirk says that it takes time to heal and the process can be long but I dont think I can take much longer.....  :(  How can this pain stop? how can i forget him and move on? or how can i win him back?

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

3 1/2 months is no time at all. i think acceptance is the key here. forget about winning him back, you will live a life of constantly trying to please and thats no good for either of you. continue with the professional help and trust in time. it may not seem like it now but time is your friend and as it goes by so do the feelings.