Piano Man

One think I have always wanted to do, is play the piano. I have never been that musical. I always say myself in a place like Casablanca. smoke comes from half light smoke in a hotel ash tray (green glass), and small glass of scotch, dark lit except for a small bright stage light. sounds of bartenders cleaning up after along night. a couple at the bar and he's still trying his best for a night cap at her place. she seem a bit interested. I slow start "it's a quarter to three...no one in the place...just you and me.... ". as I finish the couple already left, together, and I say goodnight to the last bartender. I walk out the heavy front wooden door to a sunrise. feels good, I feel like I just left church, Amen

chef4u chef4u
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

I'm a sucker for a man that can play an instrument. No matter what they look like, it always make them appear sexier....not that you need to amp things up in that department;)