It Waz Just So Ez

i used to be addicted to pills. ive never told ne none. it waz hard 4 me to stop. bt ive been off them since feb.  : )   i would get them 4 free and i loved the feeling. i still do. i did so many that sometimes i wouldnt know wat they were bt i still did them. and in every way . i popped, snorted, parachuted, chewed bt neva the "ickky way" if u know which way that is. my fav waz zanex - not a good spella-

its really hard somrtimes cuz ppl still to this day ask me if i want them bt all i say is na i dont them ne more. and i have to repeat it sometimes bt i dont do them. even the ppl that KNOW i dont still ask. and it sux cuz i just want it bt i dont.

my x told me i waz i addicted bt i didnr t care. bt then i met this boy cody. and i love him. one day he told me he waz diappointed in me cuz id just snorted loritab or somethin. i dont remember. and from that day on i havent since. he means so much to me. and me stopping doing pills is the biggest thing ive ever done for someone else.

prettylady prettylady
18-21, F
Jul 3, 2007