I Think.....

that regardless of everything I've done in life or accomplished or impacted in good ways, in the end when I'm gone, I'm just going to fade away.  There won't be any legacy. 

But it's no biggie. I mean, I'm not living my life to make sure that I leave marks when I'm gone.  As long as I live my life positively like how I'm doing now, then I'm happy.  If people remember me, that's good.  If people don't, then that's good too.

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9 Responses Feb 20, 2009

awwwwwww :) xx

hahaha that's an awesome line!

We are a pair. To bad I have to leave soon. But I plan to come around and see what you are up too. And if anyone is givin you a hard time I will make them eat their toes! (fungirlmmm gave me that one, LMFAO)...DD

DD that's beautiful. I like that a lot. I like the way you think.

I like to think, we are like drops of water in the Ocean. We leave the Ocean as evaporation, become clouds, rain on a city girl, and take her tears away. Join with other drops of rain, moistening the fields, find our way to streams and rivers, and then flow back to the Ocean...DD

aw thank you flourlady x

oh i think people will remember you. i know i will.

Yeah, it's true that we all impact other people in some way. I'm talking about in the long run, though, when I'm dead and gone...sorry for the morbidity lol. When it's all over, that's when I think I won't leave marks

If I was your age and single you could leave a bunch of marks on me!!! Seriously. OMGoddess… Seriously.<br />
<br />
I like to think we are each a drop of water in the Ocean, each moving and interacting with each other in a manner that creates the wave, the tides...DD