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What Are My Needs

i was a herion addict for 30 yrs , and have been clean for 5 yrs totaly ,not even drinking , so the only thing i need before was drugs , now i help people to get and stay clean , which i love doing, but i fall into depression and get told i am not getting my needs met , so how to i get my needs met when i dont know what they are , it is painfull some times , i live by my self and find it hard , and i dont know if this is going to help or not . 

mefoss mefoss 36-40 1 Response Sep 27, 2010

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Congrats on your being clean and sober! That's a very tough thing to get through. Perhaps things seem to be a lot more difficult now because you're not facing your problems with your drug(s) of choice. Are you in counseling? That has helped to take so much weight off my shoulders. <br />
<br />
Things will continue to get better AS LONG AS you stay sober!! You're doing excellent!