To My Ex

Sorry hon, it's not all about you, I have needs too and I'm gonna do them by myself because I was raised by all females and that's what I was taught to do. plus you just sat around being depressed and that doesn't take care of me.

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yeah, some people just think that they can have power over some other people or they think that it is all about them and anyone who deviates from that is horrible.

Good for you--I did that as well--never depended on my DH--now that the kids are grown and gone--he's not liken the fact that I have the ability to go and do myself now--not have the children with me--amazing how things change--oh well guess that's why I'm headed for divorce.

yeah, I agree

yeah, making dinner, cleaning house. what the hell? I was just taught to be a big girl and do it myself because when I get to be an adult (now) no one is going to do things for me like pay my bills and such

i've certainly seen my share of them. in the majority of the couples i've known, it's always been the woman busting her *** doing everything while the man does far less. working, child care, taking care of the house, you name it, the woman does it all. i know alot of men were spoiled by their moms, but could that be the only reason so many of them are lazy? damned if i know.

yes! men are lazy.

i hear you. the strongest, most capable, most productive people in my life were women, especially my mom. if a woman didn't do it, it didn't get done.