Had to Tell Him to Tone Down the Complaining

So my husband is not happy in his job... boo effin' HOOOOO!!!!  His salary is over the top, there's nobody looking over his shoulder, and hell-OH... he HAD a job.  That alone he should be grateful for.  But someone was promoted over him, and now he has to report to that someone who, like all of his co-workers & bosses in the past, cannot hold a candle to HIM, doesn't have half the knowledge, education or expierence, etc. etc. blah blah blah. 

So this morning he calls me, whining again... I just told him that I can't afford to be surrounded by and bombarded with NEGATIVITY, because it just perpetuates itself.  I said it in a really nice way too, instead what I really wanted to say, which is ****S T F U ******!!!!!

I have a social thing this evening with some women friends that I was considering skipping in favor of staying home to nurse his widdle wounds, but NO.  Not gonna happen.  I need laughter, conversation & positive feminine energy around me.  And I deserve it. 

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

As it turns out, misplaced guilt won out and I did NOT go to my women's group... instead I took him out to dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant, he took off at a near run, leaving me walking alone far behind through the parking lot. I have no idea why he does this... I am not an embarrassment. You know absolutely nothing.