My Brain Is Wired Female

I believe that sex is purely biological make-up of an individual and that gender is socially and psychologically make-up of an individual. Though biologically I do not have the XX chromosome, however I have always had some of the monthly pressure of being tense, anxious and other female maladies. My plumbing may be wrong but I have many of the other physical and emotional characteristics associated with females.

Socially and psychologically, well I communicate differently,. I am supportive and responsive, always opening a door to communication and I will convey details and personal stories, and even tentativeness. I am a very empathetic person and most often relate to other people's emotions and circumstances. When someone makes a negative comment about anyone else, I will always try to get them to see it from a different point of view. To try and to put themselves in the other person's shoes.

My body language is always more open. I touch others more easily and I often find myself smiling and nodding when listening. I am a caring person and I like being this way. I will almost always cross my knees and point them toward a man. I have always dangled my shoe off my foot for whatever reason, but it is may trait completely. I'll often flick my hair, stroke my neck or twist my hair around my finger. Oh, and I do nibble on my lip so chapstick is a constant companion. I always tilt my head and smile.

I remember when I was young I liked pretty dresses, bows in one's hair and playing with dolls. I was accepted and do not ever remember being tease, though when I was young my femininity was frowned upon by society as a whole. I studied other girls and women to learn what it meant to be a woman. I watched soap operas and the approval of other girls was important to me. I learned how to cook and to clean and (thanks to a single mother) how a woman functions in the business world.

I do struggle with my outer beauty, trying to "get there" but am comfortable with my inner beauty, wishing more would see it and acknowledge it. My weaknesses include chocolate, men and staying motivated enough to workout regularly. I don't have perfect hair or nails, however do I like my eye color and the shape of my lips. That is partially why I feel I am a beautiful person on the inside. I know that God made me in His image, so to Him I am beautiful.

My gender is woman, female all the way. I am happy to be a woman and if I say so myself I do have many good qualities and well to be honest most likely a few bad ones too, that can hopefully be overlooked.




Known it all my life. Been told it many many times through out my life. I was a woman, to the amazement of some. Not to me!

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Feb 26, 2010