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We should all let things in the past stay there-i dont mean to not remember the good things but for bad moments or words or..anything just we have to try and let them there.. Memories always return,its not easy i know,thats why its also my goal to let it behind.No matter what happened we should live the present. I just want to see ur thoughts on this
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just for today, today i lived i dont know about tomorrow or yesterday, just for today

Sometimes the past comes back. And for those of us who are just finding out, the past becomes the present again. <br />
I know a boy, his father is not the man he calls Dad. Some day, he will find out. Then the past will become his present. I'm glad I'm not his mother. <br />
The past can't always be left undisturbed. <br />
There can't be just one rule, Angel.

Yes, it's hard. I think that we shouldn't try to forget because even though memories can be painful, they are part of who we are. However, we also must not dwell on the past too much, whether the memories are treasured or not because it's the future we can effect and change and it is the present we are living in now. In the present, we create the memories of the future.

I think your right Angel we need to live in the present and it is hard to leave the past behind but its a good goal ... to at least try letting the pain fade and focusing on the good times when we remember the past.

Absolutely. Dont let the bad from the past weigh you down. Always remember good times and moments and as you move forward the past will soon seem to be all but forgotten.

The past is something which cannot be changed no matter how hard you try...Yeah, you can for sure shape your present by not repeating the same mistakes you committed in the past...One should live in the present..<br />
<br />
And another thing - Learn from your past...<br />
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p.S - i'd be grateful if you could share your point of view on my story "More than just a friend".....thx ^^