I Love Poo In My Mouth

Hi I'm glad to be a member of your group. I have always fantasized about someone pooing directly into my mouth. Ever since i was a teenager I have always enjoyed rubbing poo all over my body. This year however I decided to take it to the next level. I started putting my own poo into my mouth and started to chew on it. I started with little pieces and worked my way up to bigger pieces. The feeling was euphoric. I loved it. It was difficult the very first time but after a while it got easier and easier for me to do it. Now I have no problem putting big chunks into my mouth and chewing on it. I now put several large pieces like 5 or 6 inches long or so into my mouth at one time. I just stuff it into my mouth to the point I cant put anymore into it and just chew on it. Now I want to take this to the next level and to have someone squat over my face and poo directly into my mouth. I would love to meet one of you in this group or similar group who would like to do this with me. Please comment on this or send me messages. Thank you.

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6 Responses May 9, 2010

You have to start small, taste your own while thinking of the girl. Healthy poo tastes basically the same, but some can be magical, sweet and delicious! Unhealthy poo is just nasty! Some girls produce poo which just is gross, but some, it's wonderful. I just recently ate an entire log from a sexy 20 something blonde that was very nice; didn't even give me a sore throat. My keys: the girl MUST turn you on physically, her poo must be healthy and firm, I spray my mouth with chloroseptic and chew the poo, swallowing with coca cola. Coke works better with poo than anything I have found. One thing, after you eat, your burps will literally be farts out of your mouth! Message me for more!

Oh that's so good, i'm a beginner but wish to reach your level soon. God i love it so much

Oh that's so good, i'm a beginner but wish to reach your level soon. God i love it so much

i love being a gross,smelly and weak servant

i would fill your mouth as longs as you did the same for me

Any time you want, I would gladly fullfill that fetish and suck your lovely **** for the privelidge