Anyone Elese

also love to rub **** all overmyself. i like to mix it with **** and spit first so that its nice and smooth then get covered head to toe, it makes great lube. one time i was able to steal a friend **** wile camping and use his :) I wud love to wrestle a hot guy in a big pile of ****. i taste my own **** too, but have never actually EATEN it...but i think a may gaive it a try later to day. I wud eat a hot guys in a heartbeat. i would love to have a guy **** rite in my mouth MESSGAGE ME
arwheaton arwheaton
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I want to **** in your mouth, do you think I am hot enough for you to eat it...I want you to **** in my mouth too and I want to eat your **** right out of your ***. Thats right I don't talk ****, I eat ****...can I eat yours? yes the pic is me, I am an open shiteater.