Beyond Licking It Clean...

Over time and reationships with many women I have adopted an after sex ritual with a woman that provides for me the man anyway, the most intimate way of sharing the aftersex bliss that often eludes most sexual encounters. Eventually if a female has sex with me more than a couple of times I expect her to lovingly attend my **** after sex or at bedtime. Licked and cleaned wetly with her mouth and tongue the lenthg of my shaft up and down. Cleaning my balls and the smooth shaved area surrounding my rapidly deflating organ. Making sure to lick clean any *** that may have splattered anywhere then her soft warm breath dries her lovers manhood. Finally, especialy after sex, I expect a woman to hold my limp, happy **** in her warm soft hand as we both drift off to sleep.
hjohnlin hjohnlin
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

virtually assures a loving, loyal devoted guy

Exactly, and who doesn't want that, lol?