Some Serious, Some Not So

1) When cashiers hand you the change in the receipt- I'm holding my shopping, does it look like I have three hands to separate them? how hard is it to put the receipt in the bag?

2) People on Facebook who talk constantly to you. You go on to check if you have any notifications and practically get attacked.

3) The new Facebook chat.

4) Fox News.

5) Defense cuts

6) People that think everyone that shoots is a "gun nut".

7) People that impede progress.

8) People that invent facts to suit their argument.

9) People that think we should "give back" the Falklands. There is so much idiocy in that statement I don't know where to start. Some girl said that to me at college once and I was left utterly speechless for a good 40 seconds.

10) Chocolate melting in the heat.

11) Sand.

12) Homophobes.

13) Racists.

14) Women not being allowed on the front line.

15) People that ignore me.

16) The orthodontic practice near me.

17) Tax breaks for the rich.

18) People that think something shouldn't be done just because they can't see the point themselves.

19) Experience groups that end up making no grammatical sense.

20) My laptop overheating.
-And as a bonus, since it's also about heat; Shooting in the heat. I'm not good with heat, although I'm not good with the cold either, so I think I'm just a ***** :)
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1 Response Jul 31, 2011

Like your point of view about shooting! Definitely a great way to relax. Thanks