Don't Know If I Can Make It To 20

1. Complete disregard for others space/ rights/ feelings/ property/ or life.
2. Uncultured people.
3. Gossip.
4. Time passing too quickly.
5. Children that don't sleep when they should be.
6. Calling any proactive parenting choice overbearing.
7. People who always think it is about them.
8. Cancelling a T.V. show that I'm watching (actually that more than annoys me, usually ****** me off!).
9. Trying to lose weight.
10. Constant laziness.
11. Putting a sexist or racist spin on something when it's not there.
12. Blindly voting along party lines.
13. Holiday obligations.
14. Any judgement about sex.
15. Politicians.
16. Any news media.
17. Crinkly candy wrappers.
18. The length of this list.
morgana1982 morgana1982
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 30, 2012

19.Know all's who decide they've figured you out in the first minute of meeting you.<br />
20.People who think what you/ they do defines you/ them.....<br />
Like your list my dear!<br />
No.18 had me LOL!

Lol@ 18!!!!