My 20 Things

1) Loud Chewing
2) People who wont control their bad kids
3) People who park in more than one parking spot
4) People who dont know how drive thier shopping cart in a grocery store
5) People on their phones when they are ordering food or in line
6) Terrible ring Tones
7) Toronto Maple Leaf, New England Patriot, New York Yankee, and Boston Red Sox fans
8) Bad breath
9) Country music
10) People who sing out of tune but think they are singing in tune
11) Cheap electronics
12) When hot food gets cold
13) The dentist
14) NRA gun enthusiasts
15) Nickleback
16) When you get gas on your fingers after you pump
17) Being woken up in the middle of the night
18) Having to work on your day off
19) Getting a parking ticket even when you put money in the meter
20) People who cant find their geographic location on a map
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013