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I Do Live As Awoman Full Time.

it is a big life changing decision to really stop being male and start living as a feamle.
thats exactly what i did many years inner girl is leanne.
she is a sweet loving ,happy go lucky lady and she comes out and takes over and is also a show off.
i have been full time so long now that i don't even own any male clothes any more.
my life has been wonderful since i let go and started being who i am.
i love wearing soft silky panties and lacey ruffely dresses and skirts.
Panties are wonderful and pantyhose  giver me an electric thrill when i wear
them under my dresses and skirts.i am very passable people accept me
as a woman and seldom  have i been made in public.
recently i was in a menards  store and i asked  a sales  lady where the 
ladies room was . "right this way  mamm " she said. took me by the hand
and led me right into the ladies room. no one  so much as lifted an eyebrow.
i used the  facility and left.
once when i was in target  to buy an Office type chair for my computer room
the lady that checked us out at the customer service counter asked if my wife and i were sisters.
my wife told her yes we were.she then asked which one of us was the oldest?
my wife grinned and pointed at me and said she is.which is true . I am a few years
older than she is.but i don't look it.

aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 8 Responses Aug 4, 2010

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thank you for your post kimberlyanne. i do appreciate all my friends and people with <br />
similer interests. feel free to contact me anytime. <br />

you are one is going to do it for you. and do you know what? i have had only positive<br />
feed back from people i meet. people who are interested in how my living as a woman is<br />
being recieved by friends and family and the public in general.<br />
first let me say the public couldn't care real friends are still my real friends.even my friends that i went to highschool with and became reaquainted with lately on face book and some other sociel utilities were glad and accepting of my now feminine life. <br />
any one who would be interested in chatting or e-mailing me<br />
my e-mail is

Yay!<br />
Be yourself, dear, nobody's going to do it for you.

Good for you, dear! I'm glad that you are happier living as a woman than when you had to pretend to be a "man".

So very nice you are happy!

I congratulate you on your decision I will keep you in mind when I am going through my transition I start my assessment in October and am looking forward to starting my journey from male tom female

go woman a nice story can i be your neice<br />
<br />
amy xxooxx

Happy days for you!