Son In Law Becomes My Daughter

 This week my mother in law called me to stay her house for full week end since My wife is out of station, she  went to attend her friend s marriage so my M.O.L called me to stay her house since I do not cooking I will have to depend on her for dinner. Saturday morning After I reached her house I went to bathroom for take a wash. After coming out I saw my bag in which my male clothes are there is not there . My M.I.L. said she hide that bag and I will have to wear Ladies clothes only for this week end. I was shy since my wife was also not there. She said  do not shy now you are my second daughter for two days and open  her ladies wardrobe And  said select any ladies dress which you feel to wear . Then she gave me padded bra to wear
After words she gave blouse which was fitting perfectly to me , petticoat, then gave saree . I drap the saree then she gave jewellery  such as ear ring , bangles ,nose ring, payal. Then she gave long hair ladies wig and she tied my hair with pin and put jasmine flower on that. Then put bindi on my forhead. then she shown me mirror, i was looking cute lady.
Then she said in the afternoon she had called he 10 to 15 friends to her house for some ladies function.and I will have to attend that function in this ladies attire. She said no body will knew that you are man and wearing saree. and she started laughing.
Then evening her friends came and function started I was sitting on sofa in ladies attire  the function was Started smoothly. Suddenly  my M.I.L.’s neighbor come to our house and she saw me in ladies attire and recognized that I am  her son in law and wearing saree. after seeing her I was  nervous. My mother in law come near to me and so do not worry. i will manage .
Then all other ladies went only that neighbor  lady was there she started teasing me saying that  being man wearing saree  and started laughing then my mother in law also started  laughing I was feeling shy but my Mother in law said to that lady she is treating me as her another daughter so  she asked  me to wear  saree . and said tomorrow full day I will be remain in saree only. I was feeling nice when somebody teasing about me after wearing saree.
Till evening no other women come to M.I.L .house. evening my mother in law went out to buy some jasmin’s  flower for me from market.  I was alone in the house and suddenly door bell range up I went to open the door and saw two  young ladies with  luggage I opend the door and ask them to come inside the house. Both have come and sit on chair I offered her glass of water. Then  they  said  that my M.I.L called them to stay for two three days so they had come. One of the lady was asking about my name I told my name is RADHA.

And they were asking about what is my relation with my M.I.L.. In mean time door bell rang up and I opened  the door my M.I.L had come. I got so much relief after seeing her. I went inside with my M.I.L my M.I.L .was  laughing and looking at me. I was very  much shy. My M.I.L said do not worry she will manage.  Then she introduced me as her distant relative and come to stay for  couple of days.The both ladies were looking at me. again I was shy since I was alone male wearing saree and standing In front of three ladies.   Then we all had dinner together . after  dinner is over I helped my M.I.L
After taking we were going to sleep . Two young ladies said Radha will sleep with them and so they will have good company.  So they called me in their room for giving company at night.  I was  shocked and I come back from there room and said to M.I.L. that they are calling me to sleep along with them  
For today’s  night. My M.I.L started  laughing but I was shy and hiding my face. My M.I.L. asked me  should I tell truth to that ladies about me. I said not know tomorrow morning You tell her truth about me. Then my M.I.L said to that ladies that I will give company to her  for to night and they went back. Then I changed my saree and wear a beautiful nighty my M.I.L was admiring about my beauty  and I was looking so cute and sexy in this attire.i was shy again . Then we  two ladies sleep on bed separately.

Next day morning after taking bath I wear saree and come with my M.I.L in the hall then the two ladies also joined . Then my M.I.L said two ladies she is going to give one surprise . that ladies was eagerly waiting to hear . My M.I.L said the Lady Radha is not a lady he is my Son in law and he is man and
Wearing saree as she is treating me as her second daughter . They  started laughing and  teasing saying man wearing saree. I also like their teasing I went to change but they said do not change I am looking very cute Lady and nobody will know that I am man and wearing saree.
Then  that two ladies said we have also surpised for you then one of the ladies removed her ladies wig and said i am her  husband and she is my wife i also like wearing sarees and roaming out side no body till date recognise me as a gents wearing saree .she said we always go out side wearing saree only since her mother in law is  asks her son in law to remain in saree. They said in our house also we three are wearing ladies clothes. Then her wife said i like my husband wearing saree so he will not flurt with other lady.

 Then we three ladies went out for Rooming and enjoyed full day as Three ladies. and my mother in law requst them to stay for another two days more and they also accepted. From that day in the night also  we three ladies ( two cd / one real lady) room togther in night and enjoyed full night, 

My Mother in law said Two Son In law Become Daughters and started  laughing . I also fell nice in wearing saree and enjoyed as lady for two days in M.I.L.’s house as her another daughter with that ladies.  
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it is not imgination it is my real experinace of cd

so nice

Nice story u r lucky that your MIL help u for cding

hi,prashin i am radha when i am in saree so call me radha

parag u r lucky person in the world yar.



I read 3 times and before any comment i like to enjoy one more time

z999x you thing that you will go to swarg and i will go hell. i am saying who are you to decide
i am saying you will go to hell.

If you want to release your tension, kindly do it in your house and write personal e-mails.Kindly think of the society is not people who are well off and people are even struggling to get their basic needs but you are experiencing something which even people who are very poor can even think off. They want to satisfy their basic needs. For this these are all definitely distractions and why are you using ^^&&& ...when what you are saying or doing is not in anyway disturbing your consciousness?...You will definitely reap your bad karma when you die and in the next birth also

dear sister ( sreex 666) if you are not cd then **** off from this site. all who are visiting this sites are cd . cd is not psychological dis order. we are doing cd just to release our tension and doing fun. we are male only married with real girl and having children also understand i am married with girl and having one baby girl child.we are not spoling society by doing cd or writing experiance.

This is very easy have to carry some weight ..then only you will know...close all doors..don't pierce...just press with the metal which is cheap and rusty in your ears and nose.whenever your male ego comes above don't suppress it...kindly do all things in the odd way to know the difficulty.if you do something comfortable nothing will happen. Be a MAN and stand up to the challenge.KIndly don't wound others. Kindly don't share these type of stories as millions of people are getting spoiled. They may have some other psychological dis orders but they may wrong identify with your rotten psyche and get spoiled because most of the people who come to this site are teen agers only. Now every male is producing only girl child. If even the male who are now are turned into female , the society which is brutal and violent will take over and nobody will be there to defend the soft natured and good persons who cares for the society.Kindly think all about this in society's perspective. If you want to enjoy, enjoy privately..By saying your experience you are going to more spoil the society than contributing useful to the society. Take care...Think all things in right perspective..This is not for challenge. But for experience which will make us ourselves realize our mistakes and not spoiling the society in any manner even if we get spoiled. IF YOU SPOIL SOCIETY, YOU WILL PUT MORE BAD KARMA AND THIS WILL AFFTECT NOT ONLY YOU BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.IT WILL BE GOING ON ENDLESSLY WITHOUT ANY REDEMPTION.

hi sister sudha are you cd . you are also doing that what you have said in your reply. i.e
puting 2 kg rice and dal and putting in the belly. have you experinced it.

i am wearing wollen balls in my bra cups to get shape and full day i am wearing bra and blouse and then wear saree and enjoying it.

give your also cd experiance

love from radha

Really it is your choice...Kindly don't think that female is easier than male.In fact if you are locked inside the house and nobdoy to look after and if it is very hot climate, this is the worst punishment you can ever get.Kindly put some 2 Kg of Rice or Dhal and tie it tightly as a bag or pocket.Put in the belly downwards and above your genitals. Try to walk with that for a month without removing it even for a single minute.Then you will know the difficulties. KIndly try to wear less sized bras and try to put hook, try to wear blouse like that, try to wear saree with the bag i earlier told..Kindly don't pierce your nose and ear...just try to pierce by yourself. Put LIngerie knot very tight and try to remove it. Put under sized panties and feel how it rubs your thighs. KIndly experience the whole day without removing it. Then surely you will have a change in your dress habits..Put some heavy ornaments in neck, ear and nose..Then you will know all the difficulties which women face. Try to go in crowded buses and trains with your beautiful face and dress. see how men react need to experience more bad experiences rather than sensational experience.

Viry niec you aer lacky

So funny and interesting...! Long live MILs...!

what a lovely story u r lucky girl lol

Nice to have a supporting wife and MIL

i wish i got a mother in law like you

wanna meet your mom in law and **** her good

really nice u got a nice mother in law

great story radha, i would love to be with you, send me email and you too my love

ur 4'm mean native,ur children's??

Then what happened next regarding ur wife???

my wife is now my husband, and i am her wife

surprising mother in law.

No doubt Radha , really a nice story.<br />
keep it up.<br />
looking for part 2,3,4,5,6,....& so on.<br />
keep make enjoying,. others.

good story