Beware of Negative People!!!!

Situations sometimes cause people to act in a negative way. I think there are some VERY dangerous people on this earth. That has been shown to us time and time again. Whatever the cause we are forced to beware of people in negative situations.

These negative people show up in our lives in many ways. Some we know, others we meet and know right away, because our Guardian Angels Scream out BE CAREFUL in our minds. That is the purpose of our Guardian Angels. Some people call it their instinct or gut feeling, but it really is our Guardian angels warning us.

I feel the most Dangerous people we come across are the ones we can't see. They play the game of trickery VERY well. They are able to sweet talk and lure others in. They gain their trust and then strike when least expected. The internet is the best tool for them. They can connect with so many people, so easily. People WANT to trust others. It is our nature. Then there is the Mail and the phone. Scams all over the place. Praying on the naive and elderly mostly.

Don't be fooled and think you would recognize these people right away. I was in my 40's and was taken in by one of these people and it almost cost me EVERYTHING!!! So I speak from the heart and from the experience of learning this lesson the hard way. If I can warn others of the dangers, then it will not all be for no reason. Think before you share personal information and trust people you do not know.

They practice their "ACT". To some of them it is a job. Think of how hard you work at doing YOUR job to the best of your ability. How much you want to excel and be acknowleged for your work and talents. It is no different for these other people.

I was going to say that I didn't write this to scare people, but I think some people need to be scared a little if it can save them from amking a mistake that could change your life forever!

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Thank you very much. I'm very glad you thought so. Please feel free to recommend this story to any of your friends that you think might benefit from reading it. I feel strongly that it should be read by some of the younger people on EP. <br />
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If you have friends or family that do not come to this wonderful site, please feel free to copy and paste it into emails or blogs. <br />
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Again thank you for your kind thoughts. Have a great day!