Here We Go Again!

i'm gonna start a diet on monday, well, a healthy eatin plan i think they call it these days. two years ago i embarked on the most difficult diet i personally have ever experienced. at times it was wonderful, and at times it was sheer hell. it was a meal replacement, very low calorie diet. fantastic and speedy results, but not eatin is quite difficult, luckily i had no social life for it to interfere with lol i lost five stones in five months. i stopped about a stone/stone and a half from my goal weight, simply because i couldn't do it anymore. instead of havin four 'shakes' a day, i was down to one or two, not because i wanted to loose wieght more quickly, but because i couldn't bring myself to drink them, no matter how hungry i was. the crunch came when i found myself stood in the kitchen, cryin my heart out because i wanted a piece of bread and butter! i began eatin real food again, and maintained my weight for a little while.

i then turned my life upside down by leavin my long term partner. i lost everythin, movin back in with my folks and sleepin on the sofa. it gave me freedom tho, and i have abused that freedom a little and the weight has been creepin back on. i'm not as big as i was, but i'm not as slim as i was either :)  well, i think i need to get some sort of control back, and part of that is gettin my weight down, would be nice to wear a slinky dress to all those christmas parties...

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Excersize is the key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy balance as to what your body can consume in regards to 'fatty foods' etc.<br />
All these 'wonderful' diets are useless without the will to "get up off your lazy *** and Do something".<br />
(That was not directed at anyone on this page either, ok people !!).<br />
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As Bewildered said, just a simple thing like the stoppage of a spoonful of sugar can work wonders, (but!!) you add that to a short quick walk, and you will see the fat literally falling away in your wake !.<br />
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Good luck either way Twoflower !.

I lived my whole life being the fat one in my family and thought it was just "the way I was built" until about 5 years ago, I stopped taking sugar in my tea. Just that one little step made me lose the ten extra kilos I had carried for most of my life in less than a year. Okay, maybe it wasn't JUST that, but it made enough of a start that I was motivated to make a few other small adjustments, mostly to do with strict control of sugar intake, which have enabled me to stay slim ever since and I love being that way. <br />
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Now that we are all in middle age, nearly all my sisters have put on loads of weight so the tables have turned and I feel really good about that too after the hard time they gave me when I was younger. <br />
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Good on you though for sticking to that meal replacement diet for so long. I tried those too at one stage and totally applaud your dedication. but try not to let the weight you have lost creep back on. You don't want to have to go through all that again.

i've considered that too, don't think i'm big enough to get it on the nhs and it's waaaayyyyyyy outta my price range, but every time i pick up a magazine, there's invariably an ad for a clinic somwhere, sometimes i think that would be the only way to truly succeed

my wife is overweight ans thinking about having gastrol bybass surgry