Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Within the last week my husband has told me three different women are very pretty.  What does that mean?  It's not that I think that my husband is going to cheat on me it's just that I don't want him to tell me who he thinks is pretty except if it's me.  Am I being insecure? Probably but I don't get it why is he telling me these women are pretty?  I certainly don't care. 

I don't want to lose 30 lbs for my husband.  I want to lose the weight for myself.  I want to feel better about who I am.  I am not grossly overweight but I sure wish that I looked like I did when I was 18. 

just4fun just4fun
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1 Response Jul 30, 2007

sounds like you have a very good relationship w/ your hubby if he feels comfortable enough w/ you and y'all that he can tell you when he finds someone attractive. Don't be offended - be happy. That's a great sign of trust - IMO. :)