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This Weekend

Wow, I was doing so well.. Drinking tons of water and only one soda or less a day. This week I took my weight and I am down to 162lbs.  Then today I ate at McDonalds...twice- breakfast and lunch! Geez Had coke( filled up twice) both times, not good. SO many calories in soda its crazy! BUT I feel as though I shouldnt even have gone NEAR McDonalds. I hate when I do this. OK I guess for dinner its a veggie plate and a salad with lite dressing.

icyfire icyfire 36-40, F 3 Responses Apr 5, 2008

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I'm on Weight Watchers and I was doing good at first because I actually lost weight.But then I gained 5 lbs.So now I'm back to 170.It's very difficult for me because there's so many foods around me that I like or look good.And rarely anything healthy.So I gained weight.I'm also an emotional eater, but I'm starting to do good again and hopefully I get back on track.

well no I havent . I guess I could try it

Have you tried a low carb diet? It works amazingly well for me.