Weight Watchers

I dont want to be a nothingness that becomes lazy and fat.  I am going through a horrible no good custody battle and divorce that has caused this stress on my immune system.  Due to this caused me to not care and or track was I was eating in the past year and I am a person that gains weight easy.  So that is why I joined weight watchers I decided I was not going to let my ex have that thought of control on my health.  I have now lost 21.5 since february.  Seems so slow I remember the days of losing 50 pounds in three months.  I love weight watchers but I still have 80 more pounds to go.  I am scared I wont make that goal.


Then I tell myself I WILL LOSE 80 more pounds not only for myself but for my kids.

ginaclaire ginaclaire
31-35, F
Jul 17, 2007