Here It Goes....

Today is the day that I will never forget as long as I live. I won't look back nor would I make anymore excuses. I have come to terms and realized this is my life and my body. So therfore, I need to take better care of myself. I'm finally facing my weight loss issue with my eyes wide open and with great patience. This time things will be different for me. I won't rush to tell anyone that I'm on a diet nor what I'm doing to better myself. For I have learned in the past for those who are familiar with my weight loss failures, they're quick to point out I won't last long. I'm so tired of being defeated when I haven't giving it myself a chance. Well, I'm giving myself a chance this time. I want my life back. I want my self esteem back. I want my social life back. I want to feel beautiful again. I want to be able stop hiding behind food. I want to wear nice clothes. I just want to feel good about myself.
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Sooo many people feel the same way and so many of them change their lives for the better, I wish you all the best, I'm on the cabbage soup diet at the moment, that's a pretty good one that does work, there's also the grapefruit diet I've heard that's supposed to work well, look up YouTube 'eat fast and live longer' and the way of thinking that's outlined in books like 'the secret' is also helpful, be positive, you absolutely can and will do it!
Emma xx

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I know I can! I feel so different this time. It:s going to happen for me. I can just feel it.

Congratulations! Back in September, I woke up one morning and I really, truly realized, excuses weren't going to cut it anymore. That my weight is the biggest thing holding me back from feeling free to truly enjoy life.

I have lost nearly 30 lbs since then, and I have times where I am not as focused, or eat junk, and have gained some weight back, but it is so different this time. You grow up almost, put your big girl panties on. You stop being so ignorant and once that flip switches for real you can no longer look back.

That is what's so tough about losing weight.....the physical aspect really isn't so hard. It's navigating all the strange twisted emotions and pain, navigating the moments you are weak and still holding on. One step back, two steps forward.

The joy you will feel as you lose weight is so totally sweet!

I don't recommend diets at all. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for life, you need to eat in a way that you will be able to maintain your entire life. Personally, I try to limit carbs, and make sure I get plenty of protein and healthy fats. I recommend The Gabriel Method, as he approaches weight from an interesting psychological standpoint. H gives food advice too but do your research and find what makes sense for you :)

I also recommend Richard Simmons. He will make you laugh while you work out to oldies music, or 80s music, or disco :) his sweatin to the oldies set is quite fun :)