I Will If I Could - Love Again

though  my  first  love is not  with  me any  more  and that  happened  a  year  ago  but  i  still  remember  the old  good  days  and  that  was  really  amazing    time    i long  for  it    .  though  pain  of  love is  still  there  deep  down  in my  heart  but  i  m  willing  to  give  you  a  second  try  if    situation  suits it  
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2011

Iv also lost a loved one.. im only 17. i lost him on my birthday due to a crash.. i wish i had positivity like yhu .. i just cant c things gettin betr.. How did yhu get thru it?

what doesn't kill us .makes us even more stornger . So the first step is to feell the pain and loss then comes the stage of acceptance and . moving ahead / weather we have good or bad memories .... life goes on and makes us move too

lovesj thats what lover face most of the time hold yourself togather , look every cloud has a silver linings

I too lost my love. Now, I don't know where she is. It is very sad to lost the one we love.

thanks for sharing your feelings with me i would certainly let u know ...wish u best luck