Heart Is Healed...

Well I met Adrian when I was 12 and fell in love with him, He was 17. As time past we just fell for each other....Man we went thru ALOT!  When I was 13 I was pregnant sadly I lost that child due to a miscarriage....We took it hard....But then we let years pass more and I discover I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him....He was sweet, loving, and caring. He was a great guy!!! At the age of 16 I was pregnant again but sadly miscarriage again...so we just thought well I can't have kids, and we accepted that. So we just started to live life....but problems started to come up but I ignored them cause I loved him. But then i realized I had to leave him but couldn't't cause he moved in to my home so I just stood with him...he was there for me thru thick and thin. When my grandma passed away in 2006 he was there for me, Every year for my birthday he ALWAYS had a lil birthday surprise dinner for me no matter how much I told him NO!! Every morning he would wake up singing oldies to me...He LOVED TO SING!! and he would ALWAYS SING TO ME! At the age of 19 I discovered I was pregnant and really took care of myself....we were so shocked but happy...we got marry 4months later...That was the most romantic night we ever had was our wedding night...like it was both our first time...Being pregnant really brought out the best of him....he was treating me good till a point....I had the baby....SO here we are Madly in love marry with a newborn all these years together and we're done....but i must mention in between all this lovely moments He beat me...and yet I still say I loved him! A year after our child was born he got worst with the physical abuse and My son started to cry in his sleep...it broke my heart...I love the father of my child...but my child comes first! and I left him...it was hard I really loved him....but i found out he cheated on me thru out our relationship and marriage, even with a friend of mine who is now pregnant with his child, and now he's doing drugs...It breaks my heart to know theres nothing I can do to help the one I once loved. At the age of 22 with a 2 year old son I was losing my mind to see myself hit rock bottom, so i felt, I was becoming a heavy smoker and drinker, bad mother, all because I lost the one I loved. Hope was out of my heart and life...i was becoming depress....One day I sat here and thought will I love again....Well I'm truly bless cause I'm loving again to a wonderful man who will never lay a hand on me who truly protects not only me but my son as well....He truly loves me for me! My heart is healing with this wonderful man that God has sent to me! Thank you JESUS!! So I will like to end this by saying I lost a love...but it was for the best....was there ever love in our relationship and marriage...YES... Is there a way we can love each other again...NO.... Am I truly loving someone new that I see myself with forever....YES... Love is beautiful and I don't want to miss any of it! 

Sue1954 Sue1954
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 22, 2010

This is a very romantic relationship, so I really envy you. Your love is pure without delicate tiffany jewellery or red roses, just as you say that love is beautiful, so I wish you good luck, and you love could last forever!<br />