Not sure if I am a generous person in general or not, but usually, if I give something (anything), I don’t like having it returned to me on another occasion, and it is also usually the case that if you do someone a favour, people feel obliged to return it to you some other time etc… but all of this makes me uncomfortable and I also feel that it is not genuine, if I get something from someone this way.

So from this perspective, I think I used to be generous in my feelings towards others , I would give a lot, show it without even thinking whether it is appropriate or not, will it be okay or misunderstood, or whether they even deserve it in the first place or not, and I never required anything returned, it never mattered to me that much to have my feelings reciprocated, specially that I wouldn't like having it returned just for the sake of returning it.

Now I think it is not right, and it is not about me starting to become demanding, colder or less affectionate, it is only about me trying to avoid getting hurt, so I will love people just as much as they love me, show it as much as they do.
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Aug 28, 2014