How To Live With Out My Love

how i can live with out  you. i cant breath, cant  cant  cant eat, think, i cant open my eyes, i cant touch him, kiss his eyes, i cant accept that he doesnt love me any more that i will never see him...never - such a terrible word....i scream, i want to dissapear, how to stop my suffering......he never wil be with me..never,,,,,not a small hope left, nothing,........i miss him as a part of by body....and he all his life will believe that i didt love him...its so untrue...all life he will live he will live with that he could betray me he could leave me alone in that world..he is all i needed he was my closest person,,i am nothing now...i dont know what can make my pain was my only love...only serious relation with true feelings.......i will losee my mind i swear i am not a child and i never thought i can suffer so much...............
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

yes sure the love in my heart for him, photos, videos, memoeries, his presents is all i have now...i cant even touch him.....i think if i loose my mind totally i will start kissing photo

sad,,,but know dat u might not have him but u ve his love in ur heart...u are able to lov him...datmust count for smthing.

forgot to say yes follow your heart but also your mind.. they will lead you though you are blind

Boy I know how you feel..I guess i take comfort in believing that those that are meant to be together will be can't keep them apart.