IF I believed in the Devil.... or God
IF it would bring my wife back....
Even IF it meant an eternity of torture...

Oh hell yeah, I would make that deal in an instant
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I don't know if this will actually work, but I read it on a voodoo site. Go to the crossroads a few minutes before midnight so that you get there in time. And just wait. The devil will show up eventually or he's suppose to. Then make the deal. Also a few other things you might need. A black cat bone. I don't recommend harming a cat or any other living creature, so use a chicken bone and paint it black instead. Also trim your nails down to the quick. An odd ritual I know, but if it works please tell me.

I'd like to add that I hope that you get your wife back.

Watch Fatima the movie and read The Apparitions of Fatima. It will open your eyes and make you realize to be careful of what you wish for. If your wife passed away and is in Heaven, then do good so you can join her --IN HEAVEN

I can't believe you actually said something that actually makes sense.

If you want to bring a person again in your life than you can choose:<br />
Choice 1-Her soul will come back to another body, the minimal price for this is hell in your total afterlife,<br />
Choice 2-Her body will be reborn together with her soul but this is a lot more expensive, the cost is that your wife cannot go ever again out cuz if someone will see her its over, (you need to pay with your soul) after 5 months she was reborn, she and you will die , her soul will go again where it was but your soul will stay forever by the devil(or any other demon you choose). Of course you can use up to 2 years if your wife agrees to join the deal and pay her soul too, but still than if someone sees her than you both die automatically.

Will you stop being such a ***** and give him an answer he can actually use? His wife died! Have a little sympathy.