Help Me

i know what i want,
i know what im meant for.
but i need help getting there.
i need lust not love.
i want every one to love me,
and i want to keep my beauty for hundreds of years,
id be more than glad to give my soul for a couple years of true happiness <3
orenblood orenblood
8 Responses Mar 6, 2011

if you read the bible you would know that you will have eternal life if you accept Jesus salvation why would you settle for less is it because the devil tells your mind not to concieve and believe that the kingdom you will see if you get saved .....

Hahahaha you people think the devil will give you power and make you immortal?! No! He will take the worries out of your life to the point you are bored to death! See I'm either very lucky or I made a deal with him without really trying and as soon as I get my answers it's over asap. I'd rather endure the hardships of life now and enjoy ETERNITY later. Trust me it's a stupid idea. And for all you curious people, demons are real and there won't be any supernatural **** happen when you make a deal, he's not going to appear to you and all that ****!

i want a deal, i need limitless power!

Watch Fatima the movie and read The Apparitions of Fatima for truth. Evil is evil and something you or anyone else would not want any part of. Learn of Fatima ---NOW

Will you shut up about that, you moron?!

yo i want a deal. im ready

You want a deal?<br />
I can help you, for true, but form your wish better cuz some demons if you don't form your wish how you should than they use it to end your life in the next day...<br />
If you are ready than I can help you...

how can I contact you? Your profile is set to private.

I want to make a deal, how can i get in touch with you?

Me too.

how can i get in contact with you

can u please get in touch with me

I need your help but fast it cant wait

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get a life will yea no 1 will lust ova yea caz ur a fat ugly pig

yea but in life there is no true happiness but the one you try to make for yourself, thats why its life, but to make a deal so that everyone will love you, thats only lying to yourself, cause to think they love you is only the part of the deal, not a true life love.