The Deal I Made With Satan

i made a deal with satan whe i was 10 and now im still in the deal a demon is what satan put iside me i only ask for me and my true love get back together but he was sneaky and im still suffering the consequces.
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Seriously?! You all have lost your minds?! You don't want this?! I am a werewolf and I sacrifice my life everyday to keep my family safe from myself! You are choosing this! I didn't get a choice! You are extremely selfish for even wanting this when some don't even get a choice!

Please guide me how to go to this step. I would like to make deal with the Great Satan.

I can help, but you have to continue to Trust Me. You remember, when we made that Deal. I showed you the result, including your hardships, you agreed to them because you Love the Rewards. Be patient, and you can now speak with Me directly, through this site. Perhaps face to face one day. It's all up to you. I may Own your Soul, but I can never Own your Will.

I 'd like to make a deal with devil. Would you help me

Go to church and I'll have a happy life in a Christian church they will help promice

Yeah, they will help you forget you had a soul to begin with!

I need to know How to make a deal with him ASAP vary important pleas

Message Me.

How did you make the deal?

That is irrelevant, Do Not Reveal My Methods! If you really want contact with Me. Then you know what to do.