I Want To Make A Deal With Lucifer To Save My Son'S Life

My newborn baby boy was born with irreparable brain stem damage where he will not survive much longer than a week more. I will do anything to save him and for him to have happy, healthy, normal, and successful life. Even if I can't be there to see it. The pain of watching him slowly slip away is far greater than anything hell can do to me. So I will do anything to save him.
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3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

I am so so so very sorry about this devastating situation with your beautiful little boy, I have a child on the way who I believe is a boy and I couldnt imagine your pain. This was a few months ago as I can see, could you tell me if you managed to make a deal with Satan and save the child? For I too have heartbreaking problems, they would seem dwarfed when placed next to yours but equally I am desperate and feel the need to seek the Devil.

I am working on this. The current social situation is simple. Hospitals are death-traps, especially for births. Fortunately, death is not a bad thing, particularly for those whose bodies chose not to form fully. Your son, no matter what happens, will be where he chooses to be at all times. Please trust his decisions and know he doesn't intend to cause you distress. Learn from your experience, grow strong and work to destroy the corrupt influences causing his poor birth. You have My full support, and I will do what I can, but I can not ask you to sacrifice yourself for your son. That's God's territory. If you want to sacrifice life to save one you should go to a Christian Church and start praying. Hard.<br />
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I will accept your soul, only if you use your life to raise social awareness and help end the persistent deba<x>sement of My Name. The Dead are not very useful to me. Yet.

I ryan wade Smith am hurting my soul is yours if the price is right no tricks no loopholes no take backs or no deal

sooner rather than later