We all do things we aren't proud of and I've done more than my share. Never regret though, if you know your going to then there's no point in playing the game. It is what it is and been down this path before just fessin' up is all. It will catch up with me again, has before, but the game rolls on.

There are a lot of paths to the finish line just not picking a good one this eve.

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god cant bring back the dead bt the devil can and will for my soul, im willing my soul doesnt mean **** to me that life that was taken does!

I hope that you get whoever it was back. I would recommend trying the crossroads.

What do u mean God cant bring back the dead

please i am begging you do not make that deal!!!.....whatever you can get from the devil the Lord will give you it and he will give you a better deal than what satan has to offer. Please whenever you die you will go straight to hell (if you make the deal), but if you give your life to Christ and believe that he will provide things for you, you will live a great life on earth,and also in heaven when you die you'll have everlasting life, a very beautiful life.Remember Satan is known as "the great deceiver" so please trust in the Lord he will guide you through and you will get great results. Please listen to me God will provide whatever you need in your life to you and worshiping the devil is something you wouldn't love to spend the rest of your life doing burning in fire forever more. Please think about it if you need to no more add me I really don't want you to get into this.

Right. Can he provide me with a second chance at life? Can he give me creativity, a wonderful imagination, and fabulous writing skills?

of course he can. He can do all things once you seek him first and trust in him all the things you want in life he will give it to you

what was it like when u first had experiences with him? how did you make a deal and how does it all reallywork? were u scared?

the deals aren't fewer but most of them don't know how to form their wish, the demon uses it to take their lives earlier, some that have experience are still alive

lots of devils out there and I still do dealings with more than my share but as you grow I think either the deals are fewer or maybe we just become better at negotiating...

hi, may I ask how u did it? I've been trying but maybe I just don't know the right way to do it. Please help. tnx

i want to make deal with the devil,if i got the deal i want something scary like freaking scary inside me and i want some girl to like me

It is better to regret the things you've done that to regret the opportunities you never took.

but a wise person will no run into something they know is wrong and face the terrible consequences.