Mom Angry That Male Vice Principal Spanked Child

People who know me, know how I feel about child abuse and corpal punishment. I was reading a headline story about a female student who was spanked by a male Assistant Principal. According to the article, the policy in that state is that a male Principal spanks a male student and a female to a female.

This idiot who took it upon himself to hit a female student while another female looked on allowed this *** hole to put his hnads on a girls bottom. Now ther are some states that say if a male is caught peeing in the woods, he is labeled as a level one sex offender, amazing huh? So a guy who is driving on a highway or back road can be labeled as a sex offender for peeing in the woods then this *** hole principal must be labeled as the same.

The mother to the child only found out after the dirty deed was done, Did I mention that the child is over 13 years old? other schools stopped the punishment because there were some teachers whio were getting a thrill out of hitting a child.

This is in my book legalized child abuse and I want those who are reading this send a message to any school that feel that hitting a child is okay to tell them its not. There was another case where a male student was hit so hard that he was bruised and had welts up and down his backside.

I say throw this bastard in jail, label him as a child sex opffender and child abuser, send a message that this will not be tollarated.
redtailfree48 redtailfree48
46-50, M
Sep 23, 2012