Hey, Fellow Bedroom Musicians.

i'd like to meet some other people who write music,
who have some songs kicking around, but are maybe also a little slack on motivation, or are without points of reference, adrift. if you join up, we can help each other- by talking, by trading song sketches for feedback/critique,
and even by contributing parts or collaborating on some writing, if that works. at the least, i feel like it's really good to be a little accountable to someone; also, projects feel so much more meaningful to me when other people are involved.
something like a goal and a deadline are good, too.
if you are interested, feel free to post here or write. thanks.
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1 Response Apr 20, 2012

...well, i don't think i'm going to check this site so much any longer,<br />
but if you find this group and you are into this sort of project, i'd love to hear from you; please write me at 'late-november1921@juno.com'. thanks.