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When I was in my twenties, I had already been working for 5 years and had started modeling and when I didn't have modeling jobs I was at McDonald's earning.  I remembered thing if I keep doing what I'm doing I know by the time I'm 30 I'll be a millionaire.  I had started college by this time and then another door of knowledge and positive people flooded my life.  I had started to travel and I knew from that point on that the sky was really the limit.  I always have been the type of female that didn't need much.  I can survive on chicken noodle soup and cereal.  I don't care for or like jewelery and I'm the first to shun Nike or any other big name fashion mogul because I'm happy in my jeans and t-shirts.  I was putting all my money in my prized emerald Treasure Troll.  I had so much I lost count.  I failed at not getting a bank account and my mom could have cared less.  My older sisters tried to help at one point, but gave in to fear from retaliation from my mom.  I didn't think much about it just along the lines that I could save it in my piggy bank.  Well, it was easy to put it in there and even easier for my siblings to take it out.  I couldn't believe it.  I moved out and things got better again, but then I lost my baby and went downhill from there.  I got back on my feet, but some of the ambition was gone.  I was happy to just have the bills paid and food on the table.  However in these past few years I have an itch that no man can scratch.  I look at how some people have things and I think, "Why can't I?"  At least I'll help people along the way.  Its really been a dream of mine to be wealthy and be able to help the ones that are suffering and hurting.  Some people deserve a second chance.  Now I'm back at school and that dream is still with me.  I don't think its a bad dream either because lots of millionaires do good with their wealth.  I know I will.  A few nights ago I met a member here that gave me some food for thought and a book to back up what they were saying and I feel rejuvenated!!  I believe again in my dream and my ability to achieve it.  I have decided to start writing again and this time if a publisher wants my stuff...he can have it!!  Fear is not an option.  I think I owe my EP friend at least one percent of my first book royalties if and when it takes off.  Of course certain conditions apply...I want to stay wealthy.  :) 

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Thank you..takes a warrior to know another warrior! :) ((((Hugs))))