Throwing Out The Widow

My husband passed away in June . He suffered from brain cancer and in March chose to end his treatments and let the disease take it's course. He was unable to speak clearly or write and was unable to take care of legal issues before his death especially with attorneys wanting 300.00 an hr to help us. We just couldn't afford it. Now after begging and pleading and working on a home modification since December of 2009, after I furnished the mortgage company with his death certificate they have filed foreclosure on me. In order for me to be able to stay in my home I must come up with $6200.00 to bring the account current and have it switched to my name or pay them the full amount of $83,000.00.
My husband had no life insurance or medical insurance and come to find out there was no credit insurance on our home. During the time he was sick I worked a part time job and in May had to take a leave of absence to take care of him in the final stages of the disease. Now I am looking for a job and dealing with probate and I guess I will be kicked out to the curb with nowhere to go except my car.I know that a pay off is too much to wish for and that would be too good to be true, something so good like that would never happen to me anyway, so I am just wishing to catch up and bring the account current so that they will work with me on transferring the account to me. I cried all day when probate told me they can take my home, because that is not all they are taking, they will take all the memories we shared here together.And if it comes down to it they will have to get a swat team here and shoot me dead before I leave my home. They will have to remove me on a stretcher before they remove anything out of here.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Yes it's cliche, but it really saddens me to hear about hardship due to the loss of a loved one. On top of the pain you have to deal with all this crap. It sucks, but it's a painful reality.<br />
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There is a whole host of legalities that you will see fly by your face. The first thing you should know is that as sad as it is, the bank does own the house. You can keep trying for modification, but like most government programs, it was a sham, a political appeasement trick to "help" only 3% of those that apply. Normally in a foreclosure situation, it takes several months for the bank to serve you that it's pending, then a few months after that, the sheriff will come knocking. It's during that time you can now get your things in order for the pending housing changes, and stockpile any money you can save. In the case of a death, that process might be a little faster. <br />
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1st thing. They CAN NOT take things that are in your name only. All debts that are his only (that you didn't sign for, and/or are not on the loan for) are not your responsibility. If the creditors call you looking for money on an account that you where not part of, it's not yours to worry about. Tell them he passed away (they may want a copy of the DC) and make sure they know to NEVER call you again. Everything he owned, must stand good for what HE owed. If you had a joint loan on the house, cars, and bank accounts, I'm sorry, but they must go through probate, and you may not be able to keep them. <br />
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2nd if you haven't already done so, open an account in your name only. All new monies MUST go there, and anything that isn't locked into the probate process also should go in there. <br />
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3rd, find a support group in your area. Maybe there you can find advice from those that have been through the process. Maybe craigslist has a posting, or check the newspapers. Talk to a counselor that might have connections. If you belong to a church, talk to your church members for advice and help. Helping a widow is a calling (supposed to be)<br />
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4th, once all is said and done, PLEASE advise your friends on the importance of a)having term life insurance in place if you dont' have any savings, or large debts. Not cash value. It's no value. b)being debt free (see for that) because no debt means you keep EVERYTHING (unless your rich the taxes are a you know what) c)getting that nest egg going ASAP, like your kids, teach them to save money as soon as they earn a buck. If anything, saving others from this pain might be a healing tool for you.

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your husband, that is a terrible loss.<br />
Secondly, I was touched by your story here, and I hope and pray that something wonderful will happen for you to allow you to keep your home. There are so many people going through what you are right now- I would recommend you find some of them and talk it out- it won't help financially, but it will let you see that you are not alone and they will help morally and emotionally support you.<br />
I truly hope things work out for you, dear. I will pray.