The Way Meditation Works For Me,


There are so many schools of meditation, but I do the basic prayer and meditation. 

I sit or lay, in whatever position feels the most comfortable.  Other than comfort, my other criteria is not allowing any type of distraction through any of my senses. Including my own thoughts.  It took a lot of work on my part to quiet my mind.  But for me that meant to know my thoughts 1st, and address them. 

There's been times I've used audio's to take my mind on a ride, but those don't feel natural for meditation, as I experience it anyways. 

This is a time I listen and prayerfully speak with my Higher Powers.  I can hear them speak to me on different levels.   Sometimes I hear words very clear, and sometimes I just know or feel their messages. 

Relaxation is a very big portion of connecting with them for me.  I love the sense of feeling refreshed no matter what  the frame of mind has been. 

Then there are times, I just can't get myself into the "right" frame of mind.  What will work well for me is to start sharing what's on my mind or just ask something I want to know or understand, and ask if they have any message for me, as I'm falling asleep.  When I awake the next day, the answer will come.  Sometimes it's with me right away.  Sometimes it will just pop into my thoughts during the day.

This is what works for me.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Thanks lhocrin, your comment reminded me of a different levels of meditation that is refreshing too. It's being in the "zone". For me it's when I'm totally focused on something and not aware of my surroundings. I love it when that happens!

Pease, love & light my friend........

Thanks for sharing my friend. You gave me inspiration to do meditation often :) I simple sit on the floor crossed legs and close my eyes. Listen my body and feelings and enjoy to be observer to myself. it is great relaxation...<br />
Peace, love and light,<br />