The day was sweltering...hotter than Hades so to darn oppressive with the humidity. This heat wave had been with us for the past 5 days. You couldn't do one blessed thing without the sweat rolling down your back and your clothing just sticking to you..

I wanted to be daring to do something out of the ordinary...If anyone knew me enough they would know that if you challenged me to do anything in this life...I would do it in a heartbeat, because I enjoyed a challenge and a dare...I am that type of woman will live up to your expectations of me and I promise not to back down at all...not a chance...

My life had been stagnant of late...I was unhappy in my relationship and it was never going to change...I had come to that conclusion a long while ago...It wasn't until recently that my eyes had been opened to see that I was on a one way street going the wrong way...I needed a change, a new lease on life so to speak. I was always on edge, frustrated all the time..I had to do something new, exciting and bold..

I had met a man not too long ago, someone who was entirely different, intriguing, very sexual and was always getting under my skin in every way possible...He had a way of saying things that would make me either want to kiss him wild abandon or make crazy passionate love to him..I desired and wanted him like no other man before...He drew me to him like a moth to a flame...

I had recently chatted to this man who was not yet my lover, but I knew one day he probably would be...We were extremely intimate and there was that inexplicable something that drew us together a chemistry that was very intense...His life was terribly busy, he never had time for too much, it was boring and hum drum and he had no excitement whatsoever..

I was to offer him the opportunity of a lifetime, one that he wouldn't be able to refuse...This weather was wearing us both down...our jobs were insanely busy, no time for pleasure no time for fun...always the professional never time to play...I was going to challenge him to meet me at midnight at the Lagoon...It was a very private place meant for lovers...where anything goes...and I wanted him to come to we could commence this something that had become so intense between us.

I called him and told him about this Lagoon and he was a bit reluctant at first until I told him that I was challenging him to meet me there...for anything he had in mind...I was up to whatever he wanted to do and I was game...We decided to meet at midnight...tonight.

It was almost 11 o'clock and I was getting anxious and ever so excited...I had showered and applied my beautiful rose oil with musk on all my pulse spots and made sure that I was looking my best...I had piled my hair up high on top of my head and with little wisps hanging down it looked very appealing....Wearing my short shorts, form fitting tank top and my sandals...I was ready to go...with my beach towel and bikini in my tote bag I was all set..

The moon was out tonight it was a gloriously balmy night...warm but absolutely gorgeous with the stars shining ever so bright in the midnight sky. The brilliance of the moon gave an intense glow to the land making it appear as if it were actually daylight...The drive to the lagoon was not far from my house a few kilometers; His drive was much longer but I knew he was very punctual and he would be there waiting for me...

I drove my car up to the top of the hill and parked in the area that was designated for parking.....He was already here as his car was parked beside mine...My heart was racing and I could already feel those beads of sweat starting to accumulate on the back of my neck...I locked my car and started to commence my short trek to the lagoon...with flashlight in hand..

I had arrived and he was there, waiting...I could hear the waterfall cascading behind him the sound breaking into the silence of that beautiful place...He stood there arms akimbo and his legs apart and I knew that he was naked...the moon illuminating his masculine form and giving him an Adonis look...broad shoulders, flat stomach, narrow hipped, legs lean yet muscular...I was entranced, spell bound...

I dropped my tote on the ground and commenced to peel off my clothing...I didn't need my swimsuit after body was alive as I stood before him...nipples erect...breasts jutting forward waist tucked in and my hips flaring bottom softly rounded and my legs shapely and well formed...I was all feminine curves to his very masculine one.

He walked towards me and I gasped as he touched me...I could feel his manhood touching my stomach and my womanly senses had come to life so quickly in response to him...I could feel my senses stirring so passionately, I was moist and ready for him and I wanted him desperately...These past few months had just been a prelude to what I knew was going to be a very wonderful and glorious intimacy...

His hands on my body were like delicate wings of a bird...softly touching and raising my skin into goosebumps...He was nibbling on my neck and kissing my earlobe and I melted into him...His kiss was intensely passionate...our tongues meeting and fencing like we were having a dual of sorts...We were locked into an erotic embrace with hands touching everywhere...I was on fire for him...and I know that he was feeling exactly the same because he was trembling uncontrollably..his passion barely in check...

We broke from that very passionate embrace to walk hand and hand into that Lagoon and immerse our very hot bodies in it's gloriously cool depths and then bask in the wonder of each touch and explore and experience the joys of erotic sensually understand the depths of our intense passion for each to the height or peak of our sexuality and never look back from this amazing and beautiful night together..
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Very erotic!

You are a terrific writer and romantic

Once again, your comments are very appreciated...I simply love to share my creativity with everyone...thank you..

Wow ! hot lust inspiring story, made my **** throb! mmmmm

Simply... Love You...

thank you..cheers