I'm about to delete my app. but I'll keep my profile up in case anything changes in the future. goodbye everybody.
ZenaMarie ZenaMarie
26-30, F
9 Responses Apr 21, 2016


Good bye zena. Lol.

The EXP2 site is almost ready!!!!

Take care

Bye Zena.. Hope to see you somewhere.. :(..

yeah, I'm on Twitter. @ZenaHooks

vent is close to ep

meh, not really. it's close to the questions section ig. but there aren't any groups or anything.

eh better than not keeping contact with epers


will be missing you my dear sister!!! and wish that we do get to be meeting each other one day! ^_^


You are my first friend here Zena . Chat with you was a very nice experience. :)

:D nice