It's proving too hard and too sad to sit and watch the plug being pulled.. Well my lovely friends, it's time for me to leave EP. My bed calls and I just wanted to once again say goodbye .. You are wonderful people and deserve the very best of life ..
I have shared the very worst here but I leave with the very best and that's my Corky ..
Sax over and out .................

Goodbye .. Lionel Ritchie
saxappeal saxappeal
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Best wishes.

Good buy sax

Why not do something fun and join the mass mooning of Armen in the last minute? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

All the best to you and Corky!

I really wish you and Corky the best!!! You gave me so much hope and I promise it won't go to waste....
I will miss you Sax...

Thx Sax! xoxo

Good bye, thanks for making EP enjoyable!

No thank you Joe without fail your post and images have always made me smile Ty will miss them

Roger that.

Will miss you

Sax - will you or corky be on freeforum? I don't mean to keep you tethered here as the green lights go out. But I hope to see you on that group!

It's fine yes I I am in the forum .. If the new EP turns out alright I will remain as sax so I shall see you across the net .. I have just settled down to sleep but keep picking I pad up its a real sense of loss isn't it?

It is, love you both my friends xxxooo

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Best of luck to you and Corky, saxappeal. It has been wonderful sharing stories with you. I hope to see you on one of the other sites (as mentioned on my last post.) Take care of yourself.

Yes hope to see you too.. :)

Me too!

Night night. I know it's goodbye but hopefully it's good luck too.