Gone Too Soon....

 I miss Michael jackson,no matter what anybody has to say he was an angel that God had sent to Earth. He was taken for granted all these years and now he's gone:( I love MIchael like he was like my best friend,i grew up listening to his music and dancing to them. He inspired me and i am so thankfull to be around when he was. i never got to meet him,but I will in the afterlife. My family think im crazy but they dont understand. He was the greatest performer of all time and he was magic on stage. Nobody can ever light the stage up the way he did,he would have people crying their hearts out to his performances,trully amazing,a genius that cant be matched! He had the heart of an angel and a voice of one. A true humanitarian who cared about what was going on in the rest of the world. God took him away because he was too good a person to be here and i guess to us he was gone too soon...........




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3 Responses Sep 4, 2009

same i love him everytime i close my eyes i just see his beautiful face i cant stop loving him and the way he makes me fell when i look at him.

Have you seen Diana Ross' song "Missing you" origanally dedicated to Marvin Gaye but now to MY too,i'm sure you've seen it on YouTube but if not check it out,he touches your heart!!!!!!!!<br />
I wasn't a great fan of MJ but i sure did like some of his songs and you're right people were sooo quick to pull him down.<br />
He was deprived of his childhood and to me he always remained childlike,kind of like Peterpan which is a good thing in my eyes,if you watch that song i've told you about Diana comes off the stage and HUGS him....you should see him...how he reacts....like an innocent little child when some one shows him that they adore him.<br />
When my son Ben was little i used to puy a MJ video on for him while i was busy doing my housework etc,i used to keep peaking at him and he was there doing all MJ's dance moves,i will never forget that has it always brought a Big Smile on my face.<br />
Yes MJ has a talent that can never be forgotten like the likes of Elvis Presley his music and name will remain. -)) x

I like taylor swift the same way!