Robin Williams was one of my favorite comedians as a kid. Patch Adams means a lot to me, and shaped what I thought I wanted to be like when I was all grown up. Losing him feels like losing a part of that kid who looked up to the doctor that treated patients like people, saw the immense value in a laugh, and making some random stranger's day just by being a bit out of ordinary. People end these things by saying "he will be missed." I'm sure he will be, but I can't speak for everyone else. I can say that I will miss him, because I most certainly will.
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Who tha heck is Robbin Williams

Um he's all over the news and Internet. He was in Jumanji, voice actor of the genie in Aladdin, and in the Night of the Museum (if i got the title right lol), etc.

What! The dad from jumanji, aww no way. RIP Robbin Williams

Well he wasn't the dad, he was trapped inside the game of Jumanji and the kids let him out, but yeah he was pretty amazing