Me And Sweetcakes

im one of the few people who knows her in real life. she is an extremely intelligent girl and is very strong. it is good she made so many strong friends here. :)
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you are kind...but i think she is better off not relying on the comfort of strangers and she is dealing with real live humans. she spent days on line and i worried about her

How very sad that your friend felt she had to leave. There are some people who are not happy with their own lives or feel guilty about needs that they might have. Rather than working through their own miseries, they find their fun picking on someone. In life, they are bullies - the worst form of a person. My sincere sympathy on losing your friend here. Maybe with time, you can talk her into coming back. I, for one, would like to befriend her. :(

I never had the pleasure, but I condolences to you for your friend leaving. :(

she is a great strange contrary lady..but she got so much grief here that she left.

who was she and what happened to her?