I saw today that they are closing this site. It makes me sad but I understand. IF WE HAVE TALKED (or will have before they close) message me. I will be checking my account almost everyday between now and when they close it! Thank you SO much to those of you who have been nice too me. This site changed my life a little bit for the better. If I don't know you and you wanna get to know me message me. we don't have a lot of time! To those of you who won't talk to me, let's talk! We don't have much time to make things right! If I've made you upset I'm sorry and I mean it! Lastly, when I think of this site one person comes to mind. One of the ver first real friends I had on this site. Grace (bflyboo14)! Grace, you are one hell of a girl! You're amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for accepting me and being my friend. We will keep in touch over Kik and other ways if need be. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MAKE THIS SITE GREAT!!
Codycope17 Codycope17
18-21, M
Mar 25, 2016