The Real Deal

many of today's tv journalists rub me the wrong way. they come off as pompous, rude, and abrasive. all that counts are the ratings, and therefore it doesn't matter that the stories they're covering are about real people, real events. it's all a numbers game.

tim russert was one of the good ones. he struck me as one of the few who still had integrity and feelings, and carried himself with a lot of dignity. he seemed to be a great family man and a caring person who brought a lot to his field. it's a terrible shame he died so young. really, it's a shame.

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Tim Russert was my favourite too. I still miss him as a Sunday feauture. Him and Alistair Cooke on BBC World Service radio in his Letter from America. No other reporter of today's lot can explain America clearly enough to us non-Americans. I guess that they were but mere pikes of an iceberg and that berg is melting away continously now.

oh, i loved him too! the good ones are hard to find, but they leave really lasting impressions.

Yes, he was one of the few good ones ... another, and my all time favorite was Charles Kuralt ...