You Saved Me. Now You're Leaving

2 months I've known you and in another 2 you'll be gone.
You've just had your heart broken. I'm married to someone who can't stop stomping all over mine.
You weren't happy with your life so you came here and started working with me. I'm not happy with mine but my husband keeps me dependant so I'm too scared to leave.
I admire your bravery and daring- you grab life with both hands. That's why I can't ask you to stay or even tell you how I feel.
You have the opportunity of a lifetime and I love you so I won't hold you back. But I was suicidal and you gave me hope. When you told me I didn't deserve to be cheated on and controlled, that I'm a good person it made me believe that I could be loved, that I didnt need to settle for what I have.
I thought I'd have the time I need to escape, the time you need to recover.
But I don't. You'll be in china in 8 weeks and even if you do return to the uk you wont return here. You said it yourself- there's nothing for you here. Nothing but me and I'm not deluded enough to think I'm worth staying for.
These next few weeks are going to be a killer and I know that I'll never see you again when its over.
With you gone I doubt I'll have the courage to dream or to make myself happy but you touched my soul and I'll keep you with me always- even once you've forgotten you ever met me.
casualsceptic casualsceptic
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 1, 2012

It must be very painful to be in your position. May time help you reduce the pain as it can never heal the pain