Will Miss You While Away - But You Will Never Be Absent From My Heart.

I will miss my dear, sweet EP crush, snowbunny1002, very much while I am away in Nashville competing with my chorus during the first week of July, 2008...

I have come to a place now where I feel I am very much alive and know what I want, and I never expected someone who I had been crushing on for so long to actually give me the chance to get to know her as well as I have come to know her, to allow me into her life. 

I feel so lucky and so grateful, and I want everyone to know it.

She gives me so much - and when I think I've reached a point where it might taper off, or stop, she comes back with more - more cheer, more wisdom, more happiness, more guidance, more jokes, and more passion than I ever thought possible.

So please know, honey, you will be in my thoughts every moment I am away, and every chance I can steal to get to a PC to send you an e-mail, or log in quickly to EP, or call you and leave a message on your cellphone,

...every single day, I will take.

Know that I will miss you, but you will never for one moment be gone from my heart, while I celebrate this very special time and take some much needed time off...

A huge portion of the emotion and connectedness I will bring to my performance on stage next Friday, I owe largely to you.  And I am so thankful and blessed.

And as we both have said to each other before, only just beginning...

Take care, honey.  I will miss you, so very much, but it won't be long before I am engaging with you more fully again...

...that's a promise. :)

Your crush,


marcus101 marcus101 36-40, M 7 Responses Jun 28, 2008

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I missed you to sweetie :)....and I am glad you are back!!


I missed you like crazy while I was away.

I am very glad to be home.


Hey Paulie/Iwantmore- I have to declare I am pretty taken with ol' marcus101 ...and as the song Stolen by Dashboard Confessional goes, yep he's pretty much done that as well :) ......

Don't fear Paulie- I still owe you the one grand entrance :) !!

hey Paulie/iwantmore:

I don't own sb's heart - not unless she says so - ;)

...and I'm sure she has plenty left over to share with you...

...besides...who says she didn't steal MY heart?


Step away from the Bunny, Paulie!!! Can't you see she's taken?

Hey, I just heard Alfonso's put out a tray of fresh don't want to miss them do you???

I will be re-reading your story and your response, have a way with words too, dear Snow...

I see everything in you, and you have always been so supportive of me...

I will have many stories to share with you when I get back, but rest assured, some of them will be sent to you while I am away too...not because I feel I have to, but because I want to share them with you, and can't wait...

~my heart is yours and will remain filled thinking of you...


Marcus- I had to re-read this several times to respond to it. Your words, your spirit, your friendhsip, your passion and so many other things make you the wonderful person and crush that you are :)..

Your determination and emotion will shine through during your time in Nashville and I will be thinking of you while you are performing. I wish you well on a much needed vacation and many well wishes for your performance and rehearsals.

I will be looking foreward to hearing from you while you are away as well as catching up when you return.

You have been such an open, genuine, warm, caring man to me i cant imagine what I would have done if I passed up the chance to get to know you better, You truly have brought so much to my life.

You inspire me to be the best that I can be because I know that is what you see in me :)..

So cheers to beginnings, and safe travels.

Please know that in my heart is where you will stay and I will be waiting for you...

I am sure I will re-read this while you are gone as well, you have such a way with words: )

Your crush~