TO My Friend, the Music Man...


Dear Fusion,

I know you read my posts because you have told me over and over again that you do and many of our conversations were related to them so I am reaching out to you in my posts.  I enjoyed the intelligent conversations.  From the first night you discovered me you have help my attention with your witty charm, intelligent rebuttals, and great, compassionate heart.  You were one of my top friends on my circle and if something I said or did made you want to leave I want you to know that I am going to miss you more than I would miss the heat beating in my chest.  I hope that our paths cross in the future because I was so jazzed about the friendship we had formed. Maybe someday I will walk into that bar and you will be playing. Possibly I will look on my latest bookj and the noted expert will be "__________" and of course that would make me smile. I am glad that our paths crossed and that I had the experience of knowing you because you have certainly changed my life. Thank you for helping me to understand scientifically why my sister does what she does. Thank you for sharing your music with me.  Thank you for sharing the real you with me. But most importantly, thank you for being my friend.  I have tears as I type this but I know that will pass and that all that will be left in the future is a huge smile on my face when I think of all the things we have shared. 





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Thanks all for your comments. I did get messages from my friend and he is ok and I did not run him off. You know that I get attached easily to the "nice" people that chat with me and I had shared an immense amount of my life with him and I hated to let him go.

This was a beautiful and touching tribute fungirl. Thanks for sharing....

This is a beautiful piece, FG. It shows just how wonderful and truly special you really are. Your depth of caring is shown is this piece. Goodness, I think your wondefful and can't imagine you doing anything to anyone to run them off!

Maybe he just fulfilled his purpose for now... Never know who will roll back in, FG...<br />
<br />
Dan, you really are the sweetest thing ever, aren't you?

I love you guys too. I received a message through a friend that my friend above had tried to say goodbye but that I wasn't on. It makes me feel a little better. I will still miss him so much.

I think the people that are meant to stay with you in your life stay with you, and the ones that are not, don't. Everyone that touches you does so for a reason, though, I believe that... I also believe that we will be forever friends, Jaycee, and I know you believe that too. I love you girl.

Ellagarto, I agree with you in some instances but a lot of the people i interact with on here are also in my real life so they have my phone number, my email address etc. Shoot some of them have even stayed in my home. I bring people from my RL here as I think it is a great place to share your triumphs and sorrows. Quite honestly if it had not been for EP I wouldn't have met Silver, LNG, Beta, CC, or HBY. HBY is my very best friend in the entire world ande had we n ot met first on EP we may never have become friends. I wouldn't say in all cases you will be forgotten but in some, maybe even most, you are right.

Or at least one beat of a butterfly wing. Let's face it, EP is the ADD capital of the world. The minute you leave, you're forgotten.