I will miss your car, your money, your job and it's benefits, the way you paid for everything and the 5 star hotels, the random day trips to exclusive spas, the birthday/christmas/i just wanted to buy you something presents but most of all I will you buying me shoes whenever I said I wanted a new pair

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1 Response Aug 26, 2008


Oh, precious grand-daughter , only 4 years old, , don't fret or fuss, your daddy
became a U.S. Marine.
We'll still laugh and sing and do many things.
He'll be back before we know it,
and we can have fun at the beach or riding on the Rhino machine.

Blank - blank - blank! What a crock, we need him more than the
government !
Let's cause a big scene, maybe they will send him back to us if we scream
as loud as we can !.

And darling girl, please don't forget how much you love him too..
He was scammed into enlisting, but you won't understand for a long time.
While he was sailing the waters blue, she was testing other waters too.

He's not the only one, it happens all the time,
because he is good and kind and true blue,
just like me and you.

Above all else, remember our love for him will never end.
Believe with all your heart that we will see him again.

From Your E-Ma