The day will be born smiling

Feeling your presence

through the memories in the air

Waking up your absence...


The morning will disappear

Giving place for the longing

All time in me, appearing

Your image, your love...


The sunny afternoon will arrive

Missing you soo badly

Feeling driven to despair

Looking for you...


The lonely night will come

Needing the moment

Loving in thoughts

what my glance can't see...


In the middle of this "sleep"

Finding you in my heart

Inside of my longing

Hoping to wake up




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7 Responses Aug 5, 2009

I miss you princess! Beautiful! Smiles!

Beautiful. This seems so Venus (astrology) to me...well much of your writing does. It's amazing...

Beautiful ! felt this,is touching and so true .Finding you in my heart so romantic! xxo cAnDy ,

I just love your writing :)

You are a very passionate person............Love it.

beautiful like always princess.

oh that is beautiful